Newcastle Timber Flooring

To add style and elegance to your Newcastle home, timber floor is the way to go. There are various designs and style of timber floors to match your particular home decor. Timber floors are widely used not only because of its aesthetic value, but also its non-allergenic property particularly safe for those persons with asthma or any kind of allergy. These floors are also long-lasting, which makes up a really good investment. Contrary to popular belief, timber floors can be managed given the proper know-how. and they can be spill or stain resistant.

The Newcastle timber flooring service is well equipped to provide and install the many kinds of timber flooring you need. You may have the option of using parquetry style, which uses various geometrical shapes beautifully put together. You may also use a structured solid plank utilizing joints and bearers, requiring the expertise of our timber floor installers. You may also choose to use floating timber floors with laminated faux finish. This type of timber floor is a bit expensive, but it has its obvious advantages. Since the timber floors are laid over existing floor, the boards are fully insulated from the creaking and squeaking.
Different designs, varying thickness and finish affect the price of your timber floor in Newcastle. Our flooring service will easily provide one that suits your budget and other specific requirements. To fully maximize the beauty of your timber floors, have it installed by our team of installation experts.  A well-placed and sealed timber floor will surely delight you, keeping you company for many wonderful years.